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Shark Warrior Simons Town Kayak
There always has to be a first, right? I started Conservation Mag in 2019 as part of my PhD studies. Its role in my life, the content, design and many other aspects have changed over the years. Originally the idea was to provide a platform for environmental tourism to shine—just that little extra push to convince readers to include an ecotourism activity in their itinerary.

How to keep the wild places wild, increase biodiversity, and fund this with tourism was the ultimate aim of my dissertation. I never imagined the website would attract some of the world's leading conservation organisations. Publishing articles from all over the world. The humble origins were a concept of a personal academic blog. The original concept has outgrown itself, hence the separation of my personal blog from the content.

The idea of this section is more informal writing, think an editor's letter at the front of a magazine. I am giving you the nuts and bolts behind running the online environmental magazine. The photo in this post is me in my local town Simon's Town, Cape Town, having a kayak with the local ecotourism and ocean advocate Shark Warrior Adventures.

Dr Adriaan Buys
Dr Adriaan BuysEnvironmentalist, Speaker & Green Strategy Consultant
Adriaan Buys, the founder of ConservationMag.org. As an environmental journalist, research consultant and speaker, he is passionate about inspiring change by telling the stories of nature's plight. He holds a PhD in Environmental Management. For collaborations, consulting, or speaking engagements, Contact him at adriaanbuys.com.

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