What do you think about Thailand's idea to close National Parks 2 months a year? 1 year 7 months ago #20

Getaway has just published an interesting article by Imogen Searra on the proposal in Thailand to close National Parks for two months a year. Due to the decrease in human activity, because of COVID-19, they have seen an increase in wildlife activity. The parks receive big waves of visitors during peak season leading to the proposal to close the parks for 2 months of the year to aid wildlife recovery.

With news of the reduction of revenue for conservation in Africa due to tourism declines in some of the articles on this site.
The Devastating Effects of COVID-19 on African Wildlife Conservation
Coronavirus Threat to Africa's Biodiversity and Wildlife Tourism

The importance of understanding the complex issues in conservation becomes clear; one solution certainly does not fit all. Areas with over-tourism do provide a different perspective for conservation management. Can areas with too much conservation tourism in Africa use this method or will it harm the conservation revenue too much?
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