Concerns about Lion Maltreatment at Lohi Bher Wildlife Park Islamabad 9 months 5 days ago #91

A reader submitted this very worrying article titled WORLD’S LONELIEST LION AT LOHI BHER WILDLIFE PARK ISLAMABAD creating awareness for a lion's maltreatment at Lohi Bher Wildlife Park Islamabad on their blog. I must say I have not seen lions placed in small cages like this since the 80's visiting the zoo, growing up. Surely captive treatment of animals has moved on since then.

Here is a snippet and a link to the article...


There is something drastically wrong in caging a rare fully grown lion with a flowing mane while dime-a-dozen humans mock it from outside. Lions are the king of the jungle and humans are the king of the urban jungle – never the twain shall meet. Lions were ruling the world long after the dinosaurs had died and it is just professional courtesy for the new rulers of the world – humans – to give respect to a fallen royal. We are in their territory, not the other way round.

I have been told to emulate a lion all my life. Imagine my psychological state seeing my hero, begging for handouts from lowly staffer? There is something wildly romantic about the way a lion rallies its pride and snatches prey from the wilderness, with strength, courage, and leadership. There was nothing romantic in seeing this beautiful creation of God, being purposefully demeaned like so.
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