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NSS Headquarters, Huntsville, AL — Earlier this October, the National Speleological Society (NSS) Board of
Directors voted to establish a new Cave Preservation Network (CPN). This network is a collaboration with the
National Caves Association (NCA) and a number of dedicated show cave owners and managers.

The NCA was founded in 1965 by a small group of private show cave owners from across the United States.
Since then the National Caves Association has been encouraging the public to discover the underground
wonders of America's show caves for close to 50 years. By collaborating with the NSS, both groups have come
together to form a dense public facing network, the CPN, to help share information about conservation,
exploration, education, research, access, and the importance of cave preserves.

The Cave Preservation Network was launched by NSS Administrative Vice President, Adam Weaver and a
team of dedicated volunteers with expertise spanning research, education and public relations. “It makes
sense that by assembling folks who are proud stewards of caves along with those who devote their lives to
studying and exploring caves, great things can be accomplished! We all have a common interest in protecting
and conserving caves, and ensuring that people can visit them in perpetuity,” stated Adam, “for many of us, our
first caving experience took place in a show cave. These show caves have been sharing their underground
wonders with millions of visitors across the United States for decades. So, it seems only fitting that we use
these same venues to help educate the public on all things cave-related.”

By working with show cave owners around the country, the CPN will work to promote the bigger picture of cave
preservation and conservation. This will be done through multiple fundraising efforts at their local venues. The
NSS National Preserve System will use money raised from this project to increase its number of NSS Nature
Preserves and supported cave conservancy partners with the goal that these caves remain available for safe
access by trained cavers and researchers.

For more information on the Cave Preservation Network visit:


The National Speleological Society With 8,000 members and 250 grottos (chapters), the National
Speleological Society is the largest organization in the world working every day to further the exploration,
study, and protection of caves and their environments, and foster fellowship among cavers.

For over 70 years, the National Speleological Society has promoted safe and responsible caving practices,
effective cave and karst management, speleology, and conservation. Our members are bound together by their
love of caves and caving and their desire to learn about the underground wilderness and protect it for future

NSS membership offers worldwide caver camaraderie and networking opportunities and access to information
about discoveries and developments in caving, speleology, equipment, and techniques through our
publications, annual conventions, grottos and other internal organizations, and NSS-sponsored projects,
expeditions, and surveys.

Amanda Willis
National Speleological Society
Public Relations Chief
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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