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Through Conservation Mag, we managed to create a massive
community around the idea of preserving wildlife, helping
animals and protecting the environment. We always listen to our
readers, and we encourage them to share feedback on their
favourite topics and interests. Conservation Mag is a platform
for change, one that encourages everyone to rethink their lives
to protect the environment while also enjoying outdoor living
and taking care of wildlife.

Benefits of Advertising with Conservation Mag

We understand the pressures that the conservation tourism sector has been dealing with through the COVID 19 crisis and our aim is to support the conservation & tourism industry through cost-effective communication. Our readers are passionate about activities and accommodation options in a natural setting. We provide simple monthly/yearly advertising rates and no commission on your fees.

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Your own cost-effective dedicated page in our directory.

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The directory listing provides you with your own dedicated page in our directory.
Size: Dedicated Page
R790 Per Year
Your own contact details & site links
The main page Delux Includes an advertising slot below the grid image header.
Size: 1110x280
R1490 Per Month
Home Page Main Banner Advert
The main page classic provides an advertising slot on the lower section of the webpage.
Size: 1110x280
R749 Per Month
Home page advert located lower on the page.
The main page mini includes an advertising slot on the right section of the webpage.
Size: 350x290
R575 Per Month
Home page right column advert.
The category page advert includes an advertising slot on a category page and all the categories articles.
Size: 350x290
R517 Per Month
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A conversation on nature preservation, wildlife conservation and travel

Welcome to Conservation Mag where we celebrate nature preservation through ecotourism and wildlife travel while we look for ways to preserve our heritage by supporting nature conservation. Starting conversations about the positive action people like you and I are taking to make a change, we discover and discuss strategies that result in the expansion of natural areas.