Adriaan Buys

Founder of ConservationMag, Studying expansive conservation management strategy in a world of short term human needs. Researcher, Lecturer, PhD Student

Aisha Uduman

Studying the ecological and social dimensions of leopard - livestock conflict in SriLanka

Anna-Bet Stemmet

Anna-Bet is a professional writer with a passion for conservation living in Malmesbury, South Africa

Claire White

Travel blogger living in Jo’burg. Exploring South Africa one safari at a time sampling wine and gin along the way.

Elizabeth Muntean

Elizabeth is an Environmental Educator and Freelance Writer based in Seattle working to protect bird species and increase sustainable agricultural practices.

Erika Atienza

Erika help and encourage others to visit Africa. She aims to show the Real Africa by living local and traveling sustainably.

Mark Dixon

Mark is a marine biologist and nature guide looking for ways to protect marine biodiversity from fishing debris and plastic pollution.

Mark Henson

People say that Africa has an effect on your soul. Mark Henson first travelled to South Africa and the province of KwaZulu-Natal in 1993 and has been coming and going every year since.

Olivia Wilson

Olivia Wilson is a PhD candidate in Tourism Management. Her research focuses on the experiences and behaviour of shark divers and other stakeholders to aid shark conservation.

Patricia Kissane

After swapping the fast paced Jozi corporate train for Kleinmond. I love hiking in the Cape Floral Kingdom. I have a special interest in TP Stokoe and hoping to find the scarce (hopefully not extinct) Mimetes Stokoe.

Renee Leeuwner

Renée is the Media Executive at the Two Oceans Aquarium. She believes that ensuring the future of our planet is a group effort and aims to inspire people, and awaken a sense of responsibility towards our oceans.