These extraordinary volunteers and professionals that include conservationists, outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife specialists make it possible for Conservation Mag to make a difference by driving environmental change.

Adriaan Buys

Founder and Editor of Conservation Mag, Consultant, and Speaker with a PhD in Environmental Management. Photography Shutterstock Portfolio...

Andrei-Alexandru Mihail

MSc student at University College London with a passion for the environment. He has extensive experience in freelance article writing, focusing on biodiversity, climate change and the living world.

Clifford Roberts

As a full-time writer, Clifford curses and cultivates his short attention span and insatiable curiosity. Lately, he’s occupied with agriculture, travel and playing the ukelele.

Daire Carroll

Daire is a PhD student living in Scotland. He studies how plants interact with beneficial bacteria and have an MSc in conservation from Kew Gardens and BSc in plant Science from Trinity College Dublin.

Diane McLeish

Diane is a freelance writer and lives in Kenya on the shores of Lake Naivasha in the Great Rift Valley. She has travelled extensively especially in sub Saharan Africa.

Duncan MacFadyen

Dr Duncan MacFadyen, Head of Research and Conservation at Oppenheimer Generations. The research department supports, funds and facilitates national and international researchers.

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