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Welcome to Conservation Mag. We seek passionate voices to help inform, inspire, and empower readers to take action for our planet and to inspire them to explore the beauty and diversity of nature around the globe. These guidelines will help you understand our mission, target audience, and preferred editorial style for submitted content. It is based on some frequently asked questions we receive from writers, guidelines to assist you and even give you some ideas for your magazine article.

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Our Mission:

Conservation Mag aims to be a voice for those who cannot speak and amplify the voices of those protecting our natural world. Our magazine bridges the gap between science, policy, and public engagement, showcasing the challenges and triumphs of conservation efforts across the globe. We promote responsible nature travel as a powerful tool for funding conservation initiatives and fostering deeper connections with the environment.

Our Audience:

We reach a diverse and engaged audience, from global travellers, aspiring wildlife photographers and seasoned conservation professionals to concerned citizens and passionate students. Our goal is to inform and empower everyone to participate in protecting the remarkable biodiversity and ecosystems, including through conscious travel choices that support conservation initiatives—fostering more profound connections with our beautiful natural world.

Magazine's Editorial Style:

  • Authoritative & Engaging: Articles written by experts or experienced journalists bring complex environmental issues to life with clear, captivating storytelling. We champion scientific rigour and vivid narratives that draw readers in, personally connecting them to the wonders of conservation.
  • Hopeful & Action-Oriented: While acknowledging challenges, we seek stories that celebrate successes, ignite optimism, and empower readers to take action. This includes showcasing how responsible travel can directly contribute to conservation efforts and providing readers with concrete steps they can take through their travel choices.
  • Inclusive & Impactful: We strive to represent diverse perspectives and celebrate the voices of those making a difference, including responsible tourism operators and local communities who benefit from sustainable travel practices.
  • Travel as a Storytelling Tool: Features often delve into the science, culture, and human impact behind specific conservation challenges and successes. We encourage stories that explore how responsible travel experiences can offer unique insights and perspectives, highlighting the positive ripple effects of tourism done right.

Article Types:

  • Features: In-depth explorations of specific conservation challenges, success stories, and the fascinating intersection of travel and environmental protection. Imagine features on:
    • Ecotourism adventures: Delve into destinations where responsible travel directly supports conservation efforts. Showcase community-driven projects, cultural encounters, and the positive ripple effects of sustainable tourism.
    • Conservation journeys: Follow the tracks of wildlife researchers, explore protected areas on foot or by boat, and uncover the hidden stories of nature reserves. Offer practical tips and insights for responsible exploration.
    • Conservation heroes: Profile individuals driving change on the ground, from local guides spearheading eco-tourism initiatives to scientists working alongside communities to protect endangered species.
  • Profiles and Interviews: Spotlight leading conservationists, passionate travellers making a difference, and inspiring figures bridging the gap between tourism and environmental stewardship. Share their stories, insights, and practical tips for responsible travel choices.
  • Opinion pieces: Spark dialogues on the future of responsible travel, ethical considerations for adventurers, and the transformative power of mindful nature experiences.
  • How-to guides: Equip readers with the knowledge and skills to travel responsibly and photograph the beauty of nature.
    • Travel: craft practical guides on choosing sustainable operators, minimising environmental impact, navigating ethical wildlife encounters, and maximising positive conservation contributions.
    • Wildlife photography: share technical and artistic tips for nature, bird and wildlife photography.
  • Gear reviews: Evaluate outdoor equipment with sustainability and responsible travel in mind. Recommend eco-friendly options, assess functionality and ethical sourcing, and help readers make informed choices for their adventures.
  • Personal narratives: Let readers experience the magic of responsible travel firsthand. Share captivating travelogues that evoke the emotions, connections, and lessons learned on journeys focused on conservation and cultural understanding.

Conservation Mag - Submission Guidelines:

  • Pitching your story to our magazine: Before submitting an entire article, please send a query email outlining your proposed topic, approach, and intended audience to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Originality: We require original content that has not been published elsewhere.
  • Article length: Featured articles should be between 750 and 2000 words.
  • Style guide: Follow the Oxford Style Manual for grammar and punctuation (British English).
  • Do not use footnotes/endnotes. Use in-text links.

Submitting Images:

  • Copyright! Only submit images for which you have the copyright. Provide the photographer's details if you are not the photographer.
  • Minimum image size requirement: Main image 1400 px wide. In the article, images are 700 px wide.
  • Include at least three high-quality photographs, illustrations, or infographics that visually enhance your piece and illustrate key points.
  • Provide images in separate files with marker text in the article indicating where to place them if required.

Additional Information:

  • Fact-checking: Our readers love well-researched, informative articles. All magazine articles undergo fact-checking before publication. We also reserve the right to update articles before and after publication to correct or update outdated information.
  • Timeless: Most visitors find Conservation Mag through Google search, so submit articles that won’t become outdated quickly.
  • Use of AI: We know AI usage is a reality and a handy partner in content creation. AI usage is permitted to research information to supplement your content. Ultimately, we want to hear your voice, knowledge, stories and experiences in feature articles. We reserve the right to scan content for AI usage and reject content on such a basis.
  • Plagiarism: Similar to the AI, we want to hear your voice. Your knowledge, opinions and experiences count. Please link to your sources in the text. We may scan for similarity if required.
  • Author information: When submitting, briefly introduce yourself, highlighting your expertise and relevant experience. We will require a short bio and profile image for your author page.
  • Compensation: Most of our writers are environmentalists, conservationists, volunteers, academics, guest travel bloggers and aspiring writers who post content to create exposure for their causes. We are trying to secure potential grants to fund environmental journalism - please donate. For now, paid content is usually for commissioned articles.

Joining the Movement:

Contributing to Conservation Mag is an opportunity to share your passion and knowledge with a dedicated audience working to protect our planet. We encourage diverse voices and perspectives to join our ranks and help us shape the future of conservation storytelling.

Thank you for your interest in submitting your content to our Conservation Magazine. We look forward to hearing your voices and working together to build a brighter future for the natural world.

Contact us:

Please send your pitch to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use our Contact Us page for any questions or further information. We are always happy to hear from aspiring writers and passionate environmental advocates.

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