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Have a look. Do you see something new? Odds are you may not; they are subtle. You cannot believe how massive the overhaul and yet it looks so similar. Simplicity is tough to achieve. It all started around February last year. Wow, has it been that long? 

Our website is built on Joomla, and the platform had a massive upgrade to a new version, the platform that Joomla was built on moved up. The web has moved on since I designed our site back in 2019. Conservation Mag needed a major update. 

Enough with the technical stuff. Well, we did it. The website is up and running. We are still sorting through some minor bugs, the electronic kind. But we have a shining new website for you. What is different for you, the user? 

Firstly the speed and responsiveness of the site have significantly improved. One reason for the speed is the hosting service is now based in New York with Scala Hosting (New York as most of our readers are from the USA). Please support Scala Hosting. Their speedy service and what they offer is fantastic. You may notice a further increase in speed if you hang around. I have removed many unused functions, such as the forum. This blog section and a new news menu will take over some forum roles.

I have removed the listing service. This service was visited often. It may be missed by our partners and clients, but for technical reasons, it could not stay on the website. I will consider redesigning a conservation area listing service on Conservation Mag. For now, please support our partner on the website.

The search function has improved significantly. Try it. You can find that needle in our (haystack) site now. I have written the word needle in this article, so why not find it in the search? You may be thoroughly surprised. 

The website logo has changed to a crisper, more modern-looking font. Menus have moved around a bit. Our donation button has had some changes in the back end to make your donations easier. If your situation allows you, please donate, support environmental journalism and keep the website free. 

You will still see many changes to the website. The website still needs some minor changes. But for now, at least the new website is up and hosted, and we can work on it live to improve the little things. The ultimate aim is to simplify, simplify, simplify.

Dr Adriaan Buys
Dr Adriaan BuysEnvironmentalist, Speaker & Green Strategy Consultant
Adriaan Buys, the founder of As an environmental journalist, research consultant and speaker, he is passionate about inspiring change by telling the stories of nature's plight. He holds a PhD in Environmental Management. For collaborations, consulting, or speaking engagements, Contact him at

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