Why Act Now: The World in 2050 | Jeffrey Sachs, Jane Goodall, Obiora Ike, Brian Wong

WHY ACT NOW Introducing Why Act Now, GIFT.ed’s flagship discussion series with visionary thinkers, renowned experts, and passionate activists from around the world. From economic transformation to technological innovation, from climate change to public health, Why Act Now bridges the gap between understanding and doing. THE WORLD IN 2050 We’re very excited to announce that the inaugural edition of Why Act Now will feature Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Dr. Jane Goodall (DBE), Monsignor Professor Dr. Obiora Ike, and Dr. Brian Wong. Together, these esteemed experts will engage in crucial discussions centred around The World in 2050. By examining how our societies function today, learners will gain an understanding of future realities and why we need to take action now to redesign society for greater resilience and equity.

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