CAT S62 Pro Review: Rugged, Handy and Fun Solution for Outdoor Enthusiasts

CAT S62 Pro Review: Rugged, Handy and Fun Solution for Outdoor Enthusiasts

CAT's unchallenged thermal imaging technology encased in a tough as nails package comes in handy in the fight against rhino poaching.

Technological changes on most of the smartphones available today have become relatively predictable. It’s not every day that you get surprised by new technology; however, the CAT S62 delivered just such a surprise.

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CAT provided me with a brand-new CAT S62 PRO to give it a test run for a couple of weeks. The first thing you notice when unboxing this phone is the build quality. The exterior aluminium design not only provides more structural integrity but also provides for a very modern design. Speaking of tough, that is about as far as my knowledge of the CAT smartphone stretched, but just how tough I never realized.

Seriously Tough

The CAT S62 PRO provides military-spec 810H. It is drop tested from 1.8m to make sure it can take the punch. The body is fully waterproof and dustproof. You can wash this phone under the tap; it has even been tested for high-pressure water washing.

The phone comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 6 screen protector. This, together with the aluminium design, provides structural integrity to stop screen cracking. CAT has tested the toughness of this phone by literally putting it in the tumble drier, hitting it with a hammer, exposing it to UV light and bleach.

But nothing is unbreakable right, most of us has seen the tesla truck unbreakable glass break on TV. Now that’s the best part, if your phone gets bitten by a lion cub like the older CAT phone below, the CAT S62 PRO comes with a warranty against breaking the screen, if it breaks, CAT will fetch it from your door and fix it free.


FLIR Thermal Imaging

While other phone competitors compete on how many cameras they can fit on the back of the phone, CAT introduced the incredibly fun (and handy) thermal camera. The FLIR thermal camera on the S62 PRO provides more clarity and sharpness than previous models. At first, when the guys from CAT told me about the thermal camera, I could not picture what this could be used for and how it could be of benefit to conservationists and outdoor enthusiast. But, the extraordinary potential of this tool became apparent very quickly.

Use Cases for Thermal Imaging

Using the thermal camera, I was able to check the water level of my water tanks, find hot water pipes in the wall and check my kids’ temperature, always handy during 2020’s COVID pandemic. But the best use cases are the ones you don’t expect. I really try and preserve electricity and have not switched on my homes underfloor heating during winter, or so I thought. While testing the thermal, we quickly realized our mistake.

Although the thermal camera is serious fun, it also provides some fantastic solutions for conservation. The apparent uses could include providing rangers with the ability to find animals at night or hiding in the grass. My dog buddy could not escape the thermal imaging safari in my lounge.
The thermal camera has been used in some earnest conservation work in the Kruger Park South Africa where the fight against rhino poaching is in full force. During my test of the phone, I was introduced to Les Steenkamp (National Parks Contractor) and Otch Otto (National Parks Operations Director). They have been using the CAT thermal technology to place trackers in Rhino ears.

The CAT thermal imaging sensor provides the rangers with the ability to outline the veins in Rhino’s ear to be able to place the tracker in the ear safely without puncturing a vein. The above image provides an example of a well-placed tracker, and the photo below shows when it goes wrong, causing infection.


Finally, the question I always ask myself when doing reviews. Would I spend the money to buy this phone? My answer is a definite yes. The thermal imaging provides you with an almost superhuman ability to see things you would never experience otherwise, which is incredibly fun, but also very handy.

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