Photographic tour: Krom River hike at Du Toitskloof Pass

Photographic tour: Krom River hike at Du Toitskloof Pass

Join me for a photographic tour of the Krom river (Krom rivier) hike in the Limietberg Nature Reserve less than an hour drive from Cape Town

Key Considerations

  • One day hike (comfortably with lunch and rest breaks)
  • Total Distance 7km (Out and back)
  • Permit required
  • Medium difficulty
  • Not Wheelchair-friendly
Are you looking for new and exciting hikes to do in the Cape Town area, that include fantastic photo opportunities, magnificent fauna an flora as well as manageable but exciting technical bits? Just a short drive outside of Cape Town lies a little hidden gem. The hidden gem lies of the N1 as you cross the Du Toitskloof mountains through the tunnel or pass. The area is a fantastic example of the interaction between nature, humans and our technological advances shaping our environment.

Human, nature interaction - Christening in the river at Huguenot tunnel


The Huguenot tunnel

The Huguenot tunnel opened on the 18th of March 1988, it was big news in South Africa, and I can still remember watching it on television with my parents. I was almost 16 years old. The original pass over the Du Toitskloof mountains finished in 1948 and was constructed using Italian prisoners of war labour. Before that, the mountains were a barrier cutting the Cape off from inland cities. The Limietberg Nature Reserve a World Heritage Site that hosts the Kromrivier hike is named after the limit this imposed on travel.

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Krom river's pristine river views


Booking your permit

You require a day permit from Cape Nature to hike the trails in the Limietberg Nature Reserve as they are responsible for managing this pristine nature reserve. Obtain your permits from Cape Nature, or you can purchase permits from Du Kloof Lodge. Why not book a night and get up fresh for the hike here.

Hiking through beautiful fynbos to make the views possible


Book a guided hike

To take the hassle out of your hike and or photography why not book an organised hike with a guide. I can recommend Andreas from Gantouw tours. He hosted our walk and provided a fantastic experience without the hassle at a very reasonable cost. For those who want to see the tremendous scenery but are a little scared of the technical parts, this is an excellent option as Andreas is there to provide a helping hand.
Andreas Groenewald
Andreas GroenewaldGantouw Tours & Excursions
Not "just another walk or a hike", we offer hands-on, interactive, educational nature guiding, hikes and walks, exploring the Cape while having fun. Contact Gantouw Tours & Excursions

Kids are so comfortable with nature


Family Friendly

The hike is family friendly, to bring your kids along will be such a treat. The difficulty is such that kids from about the age of 11 would enjoy the challenge. During our hike, a youth group was enjoying the walk. Get those kids outside to enjoy the adventure. The hike has a distance of 7km and if you are new to hiking it is really suggested to take a guided tour. The hike is not suitable for people with mobility problems.

Breathtaking photographic opportunities


Photographic opportunities

I shot most of the photos in this article on my Nikon D5300 with a 50mm lens. The close-ups of the Lizards with my Nikon P900. The hike provides fantastic photographic opportunities, the fauna and flora are exceptional, and humans make some great subjects too. Even using a cellular phone some of the fellow hikers got terrific photos.

Krom river waterfall destination


The Destination

The ultimate destination of the hike and the turnaround point is the waterfall. Bring some nibbles or a picnic to enjoy and don't forget your swimming costume. The waterfall provides a well-deserved break from the hike and swimming for the brave among us who can stand the chill.

What to bring

The above widget show today's detailed weather with the sunrise and sunset times, why not give it a visit on the day you plan to hike. Some of the hiking is slightly technical; I would suggest you bring comfortable hiking shoes with good grip. Additionally, I suggest you remember:
- Backpack
- Enough water
- Sunscreen or hat
- Lunch pack and snacks
- Swimming costume
- Camera & Cell phone (cell phone for photos, sorry no reception)

Krom river hike adventure moments


Interaction with Nature

The hike provides the most fantastic opportunity to relax and be part of nature. However much time you want to spend relaxing next to the river, hiking or taking photos is genuinely up to you. We are part of nature not separate from it, enjoy the moments.

Krom river juvenile lizard and the new human generation

The natural fynbos you will observe is rich with life, but you will need to look out for it. This is not a big game hike; you need to appreciate the little things if you do there is a lot to see and with it fantastic photographic opportunities.
I would love to hear about your experiences please feel welcome to contact me in the contact section or on twitter to let me know how it went.
Adriaan Buys
Adriaan BuysEnvironmentalist, Speaker & Green Strategy Consultant
Adriaan Buys, the founder of As an environmental journalist and speaker, he is passionate about telling the stories of those who cannot speak. Adriaan assists businesses with green strategy design. He holds a PhD in Environmental Management. Contact him for consulting or keynote speaking engagements at

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