Revitalising the Mag: Introducing Wildlife Facts, Enhanced Tags, and Seamless Navigation Updates!

Consevation Mag Website Update

Explore the wonders of the natural world with our new Wildlife Facts widget placed on the right of most pages. I found this to be fun. You can immerse yourself daily with fascinating information about our planet's diverse and extraordinary creatures. From the incredible intelligence of elephants to the captivating mimicry of the octopus, each click unveils a new wildlife fact.

I also implemented some minor changes in the magazine's structure this week. I removed the news section. Conservation Mag is not a news website; I aim to keep our content relevant and evergreen. Writers are requested to write their content in a format that suits our magazine genre. This move provides a signpost for change that aims to improve the quality of the readers' experience. All the content previously in the news section has been moved to their respective categories.

I implemented a tags page. The page provides the most popular tags and an alphabetical list of all the tags. This has been placed right under the search page in the menu. During the implementation, I also concerted effort to clean up the tags. Please contact us if you notice any issues the changes have caused in your navigation or experience. 

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