Greta Thunberg & George Monbiot: Nature Now

Greta Thunberg has taken the world by storm. She has become the face of the environment internationally almost single-handedly. Conservation International features her as well as George Monbiot in a youtube movie called Nature Now.

"There is a magic machine, it builds itself, it sucks carbon out of the air its called a tree" George Monbiot

The movie reminds us that we have the solutions to fight climate change. It is all around us. We are removing natural forests and ecosystems daily in the name of development. Nature is a tool to fight climate change.
We also need to leave fossil fuel in the ground. "We are spending 1000 times more on fossil fuel subsidies than on natural-based solutions" Gretha Thunberg. "Natural Climate solutions get just 2% of the money" George Monbiot. Our money taxes and savings. "When we need nature the most we are destroying it faster than ever" George Monbiot. 60% of our animals are gone, going extinct at 200 a day. Our arctic ice is going, our soil is being destroyed.
What must we do, simple!


Adriaan Buys
Adriaan BuysConservationMag
Founder of ConservationMag, Studying expansive conservation management strategy in a world of short term human needs. Researcher, Lecturer, PhD Student

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