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Dr Duncan MacFadyen

Dr Duncan MacFadyen, Head of Research and Conservation at Oppenheimer Generations. The research department supports, funds and facilitates national and international researchers.

For decision-makers, a major barrier to tackling the challenge of biodiversity loss on the African continent is the lack of access to global data on biodiversity loss and its impact on people. Evidence-based information is required to support nationa...

The very existence of our species and that of others depends on us to continue The wildlife conservation industry largely survives because of tourism funding. The COVID-19 pandemic forced a stop to these resources when borders were shut down, tour...

The question is, how do we salvage the threat to our biodiversity? In Africa, the wildlife conservation industry has dealt with many a challenge, from political, economic, social, impacts of urbanisation and even disease...

Knowledge is key to understanding our impacts on often fragile systems. Technology is not going to solve all our problems, but it is offering environmental research ways to make better choices by improving our knowledge.

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