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Ruby Khan

Ruby is an environmentalist and a freelance writer based in Pakistan. She has a passion for the conservation and raising awareness for climate change issues. Ruby holds a masters in environmental science.

It is a sad fact that some of the most awe-inspiring and beautiful creatures of the ocean, whales and dolphins, are currently the most vulnerable in terms of at risk of extinction. The global threat to these mammals has come to the forefront of issue...

The rainforest is said to be one of the richest and oldest living ecosystems of the Earth. They make up approximately 6% of the world's surface area but provide habitat to about 50% of the world's species. Rainforests are jungles which get very hi...

Overfishing has caused a decline in the number of dusky kob along the South African coast. Timely interventions will no doubt ensure the survival of the Dusky Kob; otherwise, the risk of extinction is quite palpable.

A vervet monkey is recovering in the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital after being rushed in by SCPA Randburg staff nearly half-alive in a comatose state. The monkey was given timely medical attention and administered the correct treatment...

While the coronavirus is creating havoc around the world, tourism bans around the world, the key to funding wildlife conservation and employment in Africa threaten the livelihoods of the poor. What will the effect be on biodiversity?

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