Nature's survivors: The adaptability of wildlife

Climate adaptation is a trending topic with human impact on the environment reaching unprecedented levels. It is important to look at adaptation strategies from nature.

Over millennia animals, including humans, had to develop adaptation methods to survive. This documentary follows a range of animals and their adaptation strategies.

Natural catastrophes, fires, storms and other natural events. These animals had to sense, react and adapt to these impacts. Can humans adapt as well to the changes in our environment?

"The rising sea levels and the increasing frequency of destructive hurricanes and large-scale forest fires exceed anything seen on the planet thus far. Scientists are concerned by the rapidity of change, and uncertainty of what awaits us in future."
Dr Adriaan Buys
Dr Adriaan BuysEnvironmentalist, Speaker & Green Strategy Consultant
Adriaan Buys, the founder of As an environmental journalist and speaker, he is passionate about inspiring change through telling the stories of nature's plight. Adriaan assists businesses with green strategy design. He holds a PhD in Environmental Management. For collaborations, consulting, or speaking engagements, Contact him at

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