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Matthew Holt

Matthew Holt has climbed the seven continental summits, skied to both Poles, and chanced his arm at bog snorkelling, cheese rolling, wife carrying and bull running amongst other misadventures.

I slipped on a rock, stumbled through a bush and slithered into the water, filling my boots. Though the trail existed on my map, the real world comprised mossy boulders, dense vegetation, a tumbling river, but no hint of any path. Plus, we were under...


Halfway across the sands, with the sea racing in, we broke into a jog. A wooden platform raised on high poles offered sanctuary, but it looked an uncomfortable spot to spend six hours waiting for the ...


It was a relief to escape the coastal heat and drive up into the mountains. We were headed for Andorra, Europe’s highest country by average elevation (at nearly 2000m) - a bit like Lesotho, but wh...

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